Dear Prospective Student

Thank you for your interest in Antioch Baptist Seminary. It is our desire to offer you a marvelous opportunity to achieve your biblical training goals. With our program, it isn't necessary for you to give up your present job or position with your church to achieve those goals! At Antioch Baptist Seminary, you can take the same courses by correspondence that you could at a resident school, and you’ll pay hundreds less. Additionally, a correspondence seminary like ours allows you to work at your own pace from the privacy of your home or office. All lectures are on Quality CD's. Now offering MEGA VOICE for our courses. The Bible and 42 courses on one solar powered player smaller than a cell phone.

It is easy to enroll, and there are no entrance fees. You can begin the process toward earning your degree just by completing the enclosed application and sending the first tuition payment of only $100 with the application. Then, by the 10th of each month, send in your monthly tuition payment of at least $50. We will send you your first five courses. It’s just that simple.
As a student of Antioch Baptist Seminary, you may concentrate in areas such as Bible, pastoral ministry, Christian counseling, evangelism, or missions at the associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral levels.

Thank you again for taking the time to consider our school for your biblical training needs.
Dr. John W. Lewis, Litt.D., Th.D. Ph.D
President and Founder


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